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Levels or Degrees of Reiki in West

There are three degrees, taught traditionally. Some schools teach 4 and some as many as seven degrees or levels. The following descriptions are one way of describing the four levels of Reiki.

First Degree Reiki:

This is the beginning level. The training includes powerful and sacred First Degree activating initiations, information on the history of Reiki, a discussion of the various Reiki associations, and ways of applying this unique science. Specific hand positions covering the head, front and back of the body, and their corresponding physical, mental, emotional and spiritual significance are extensively covered. Instructions are given on how to utilize Reiki with family, friends, plants, animals, food and water. The benefits of using Reiki in a group are discussed and an actual group treatment is experienced.

Second Degree Reiki:

This is available to those who have completed the First Degree, have continuously been using it for a few months and want to pursue a higher more powerful level. It includes a powerful, sacred Second Degree initiation, which attunes you to dynamic, multi-dimensional energy keys or symbols. These sacred symbols allow you to access many different levels or dimensions of energy. A discussion of the symbols and their origins as well as their precise usage is given. Specific techniques of absentee healing, personal transformation and healing mental/emotional disorders are also presented.

Third Degree Reiki:

This level is for personal mastery, personal growth, transformation and increased enlightenment. It is available to those students who have been continuously working with Second Degree Reiki and feel ready for the next level. Psychic surgery and the making of crystal grids are taught at this stage to enable the learner to remove energy blocks. Students are also taught how to make an Energy Grid which brings in more light and love to the planet and sends continuous Reiki treatments as well as a procedure to remove particularly difficult energy blocks.

Master or Teacher Level Reiki:

This is for those students who wish to teach Reiki. It is necessary that a continuous use of Reiki and a prerequisite of Third Degree for Personal Mastery be completed before applying for the Master/Teacher level. In this level, one is taught how to do attunements, which open the recipient to receive greater amounts of Reiki energy. These attunements are not initiatory, but are designed to help you access more energy when giving hands-on or absentee treatments.

This level requires a deep commitment to the integrity of the system and the integration of Reiki as a lifestyle. It gives you the complete science for activating First, Second, Third and Master/ Teacher degrees (including complete teaching notes for each degree). It contains advanced techniques in energy activation, balance, direction and modulation for healing, transformation, integration and inner-illumination. It is not just a step up in energy, it is a way of being. The Master/Teacher level is available only upon request and interview.

Why would a Reiki Master choose to teach more than three levels? The answer we have found most often is that there is so much wonderful information to pass on to the Master candidate. Rather than having the Master student apprentice for a year to learn the complete system, some teachers have chosen to add additional levels to the teaching. Specific lengths of time between classes are usually required to allow the energy to incorporate within the person and giving them a set amount of time to practice what they have learned.
The Reiki Treatment
The Treatment Room:

A treatment room is not required to do Reiki, all that is necessary is placing your hands on the body (your`s or the receipent`s); sitting, standing or lying down. If you choose to set up a treatment room here are some guidelines:

• Select a room away from high traffic areas.

• Create a safe, relaxing, quiet atmosphere. Use soft colors, blinds over windows, plants, etc.
• Dim the lights or light candles to help the client relax.
Equipment Needed:

A massage table, comfortable rolling chair, pillows (for head and under knees), tissue and blankets, CD/tape player, collection of soft soothing music. Here are some additional guidelines:

• Place the massage table in the room so it is possible to move completely around it.
• A shelf, table or bookcase is a good place to put a CD/tape player, tissues, blanket and any other items you wish to include in your room.
• Aromatherapy diffuser and oils add pleasant aromas and aid in relaxation.

Before You Begin the Treatment:

• Demonstrate for the recipient the hand positions you will be using during the treatment.
• Tell recipient about the possible detox (purification) of three to 21 days (flu-like symptoms).
• Ask about the condition of the recipients body, disorders/previous surgery and what their goals are for the Reiki treatments.
• Do not remove clothing (recipient or practitioner).
• Ask recipient to remove bulky jewelry, shoes, belts and to loosen tight garments
• Wash your hands.
• Put a pillow under the recipient`s knees and head (for their comfort).
• Keep tissue and blanket handy (recipient may experience emotional or physical • releases).
• Never promise a healing, you can tell someone Reiki will balance and relax the body, and may relieve pain.

During The Treatment:
There are twelve basic hand positions. Hold each five or more minutes, until your hands tell you to move. The following are some helpful tips:

•Use a tissue or cloth over face of recipient during Head Position #1.

• Do complete treatment—all twelve hand positions (except in accidents, emergencies or on the spot stress relief).
• Add the additional positions to the treatment for complete coverage of the body.
• Keep legs uncrossed (recipient and practitioner).
• Keep fingers and thumb together - hands touching. Open fingers create scattered energy, close fingers focus and direct the energy.
• Your hands may feel different sensations: heat, cold, tingling, pulling, etc. Hands may not get hot. Do not judge the effectiveness - the Reiki energy is working.
Music is good during a treatment - soft and quiet, like Halpern or Aeoliah.
• It is not necessary to be in a meditative state during a treatment.
• Talking during treatment is permitted, but silence enhances your awareness of energy and changes in the body. In some cases, talking can have a cleansing effect for the recipient.
• When the person is asleep, the energy seems to be more readily accepted (there is no resistance from the conscious mind).
Reiki adjusts to the needs and conditions of the receiver.

After The Treatment:

• Rinse your hands and arms in cold water (breaks contact with the person).
• Both you and the recipient drink water.
• You may also wish to do one or more of the following techniques to break energetic connection to your client: put fingertips of both hands together; rub hands together and shake vigorously at your sides; karate chop with your dominant hand the astral cords that collect at your solar plexus.
• Smudge your healing room with smoke from white sage and cedar.
• If you have done treatments during the day, take a shower in the evening to clean the excess energy from your aura and smudge yourself.

Things to Remember:

• Remember you are Not a healer—the energy is.
• If the person does not seem to get better, the energy is working on levels other than physical.
• In accidents, emergencies or for on-the-spot stress relief, treat local areas (to stop bleeding, and reduce shock or stress) then if possible, treat all twelve positions.

First-Time Treatment:

• Treat for three to four consecutive days (every 24 hours). It takes this long for the body to completely fill with energy and begin the detox process. The number/frequency of additional treatments can be determined after the initial series is completed.

• Always continue treatments until the energy is balanced, healing is complete and health is wholly restored. Never treat a child alone; have parent(s) present.

• Do not diagnose or prescribe anything, unless you are licensed to do so.

Reiki works on all levels. It covers the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems, all major organs and the seven major chakras (see Illustrations).
• Both hands channel Reiki equally. It is not necessary to consider the positive or negative sides of the body for hand placement. Reiki is a complete or bi-polar energy (contains both positive and negative aspects).
Reiki is not just for when you are sick.
• The energy is squared with each additional Reiki practitioner who adds energy to person, place, thing, situation, relationship, etc.
• A little Reiki is better than no Reiki at all.
• Can use Reiki on plants, animals, food, etc. Every living thing will benefit from Reiki.
Reiki can be used on audio and video tapes, electronic equipment, car batteries, appliances, etc. Place hands on these for a few moments; will help last longer and work better.
• Anything with a vibration (which is all that is) will hold Reiki and can add to your treatments (like crystals/stones, healing tools, pillows, tables, even water).

Everytime you do Reiki, you increase the level of energy,love and light brought into the planet.
• You cannot wear out Reiki—it is unlimited.

Reiki Self Treatments:

• Give yourself a treatment everyday using all twelve positions.
• Always do sets of four positions (i.e. all head, all front or all back).
• If the sequence of four positions are interrupted, start over with the first position in sequence (i.e. head, front or back). The energy builds as the treatment progresses. If the treatment is stopped prior to completing a minimum of 4 positions, you do not receive as much benefit.
• Always finish a complete sequence of all twelve positions within a 24 hour period.
• Add the additional positions to your treatment for complete coverage of the body. • You can do Reiki while you read, listen to music, watch television, even drive (doing reiki with one hand is all right, both hands are preferred).
• The more Reiki you do, the larger the volume of Reiki that will flow through you. Make a list of everything you touch each day. See how you can use Reiki with these to give yourself a treatment.
• Start a journal about your Reiki experiences and treatments, with results, as support for your ongoing process of awakening.

Unlike some healing techniques where the energy flows from the healer to the individual, Reiki energy flows from an unlimited source of light energy, in dimensions beyond our understanding, into and through our physical, mental and emotional bodies to the person, place or thing that we direct it to.

With the continued use of Reiki, you may experience altered states of awareness. You may wish to start a Reiki journal about your experiences. Use them, learn from them and bring them out as a basis of new insight. These experiences will seldom be the same twice. We are not the same from minute to minute. It is important to recognize that growth and joy come not in the goal but the journey, and the journey begins now.

Reiki Cleansing or Purification
There is no area of life that Reiki will not change and effect. It brings healing as a result of raising the vibrations of a being or object closer to that of the original design. It will assist in bringing goals and desires into manifested form. It will work at healing relationships, between people or objects; wherever there is disparity and imbalance, the energy will reinstate order and stability. The energy can be used to heal and balance anything in the past or the present, and Reiki can be sent to any situation that will occur in the future, to insure the best results possible (to be balanced and harmonious). Reiki will bring healing to situations that you may not yet be aware of. When an area of life is healed, the altered energy will bring change to all other areas of your life.

Many times, new Reiki practitioners have been heard to say that life has become more difficult ever since they were attuned to Reiki. The truth is that Reiki has dredged up deep-seated emotional blocks (or physical, mental, spiritual) and you have become more sensitive and aware of these additional issues, and you suddenly have to work a little harder at focusing and balancing the energies.

Every man, woman, and child carries within their cells and DNA the memories of all that has ever happened to them in previous lives, especially the issues that are yet unresolved (karma). We protect ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, from dealing with these issues by armoring; locking these issues into some part of our physical body. Usually this takes place in muscle tissue and joints and can bring the onset of conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, tumors and many of the diseases that afflict humankind today. Even accidents are often traced to times that our consciousness has shifted and our awareness is no longer on the physical state of affairs, but rather non-consciously turned inward to the deeper emotional feelings of what is bothering us. This caused imbalance on all level of our being, and stresses the body or mind unit.

When stress has accumulated to the point that it affects organs, we have the beginning of the inflammatory (subacute) stage of healing (or as called by most people—illness). The stress (cause) is toxic to the body (effect) and must be cleared (purification) in order for the body to regain balance. When the body detoxes faster than it normally does, the purification triggers a fever to burn away the toxic matter, the lymphatic system becomes overburdened and swollen, the joints ache, and the mind begins to shut down other bodily systems to prevent spreading infection. Sounds like the flu, doesn`t it? Most people at this time, would make themselves unavailable to the world, load the physical body with chemical drugs, crawl into bed and remain there until the symptoms lessen. Then they would get out of bed and become active and would experience a `relapse`.

In reality, what has happened is that the lymphatic system was unable to drain the toxins from the body because movement acts as a pump, eliminating the toxins through the urine, perspiration and respiration. This can not happen if the body is completely still during bed rest. The mind decreases the body`s sensitivities, by releasing endorphins (natural pain killers created in the brain), tricking the body into thinking the condition is eliminated. When activity is resumed, the toxins then begin to move through the system and the body is once more made aware that healing is not yet finished. Then comes the second onslaught of drugs and bed rest. All of the medications that are taken into the body to mask the symptom, are also toxic to the body and must be removed themselves, in order for the body to regain energy and balance.

Physical Purification:
When Reiki is purifying the physical body, flu-like symptoms may be experienced: minor discomforts including achy muscles, fever, headache, sore throat, excessive mucus, coughing, constipation, diarrhea, and other symptoms. As toxins are being released, odors in the urine and feces may change. Pressures or pains throughout the body, tingling, nausea, or spinning sensations may also be felt in the chakras as Reiki opens, cleanses and balances them.

To lessen the effects: spend extra time doing Reiki over back position #3 and over symptomatic areas. Take long walks in country settings; exercise the entire body mildly or do yoga; breathe clean, fresh air deeply into the lungs, and drink lots of pure, fresh water. Eat light nourishing meals which include fresh fruits, vegetables and juices. A cleansing fast would also be beneficial.

Emotional Purification:
As the purification of the emotional body occurs, deeply held emotions may surface for no apparent reason: anger, frustration, grief, fear, sadness and others. These emotions have been repressed or suppressed from earlier times in this lifetime or from past life experiences. They are being released from the depths of your physical matrix—from the cellular level of body and mind. Do not allow yourself to become emotionally affected by what you are experiencing. Do not place blame on anyone or anything for these feelings. Just experience them as they surface and let them go.

To lessen the effects, place one hand on your forehead and the other over your navel. Breathe in and visualize beautiful white light coming into your crown chakra, circling throughout your body, and collecting all of the emotional remains; then breathe out forcefully making a `Bah` sound, while visualizing the emotions blowing out from your solar plexus chakra. Keep this up until you feel calm. Take a long hot bath in dead sea salts, Epsom salts or a combination of one pound each of sea salt and baking soda. Soak for about half an hour. This will relax you and help to cleanse your emotional body. Don`t do this if you happen to be allergic to any of the items recommended.

Mental Purification:
When purification of the mental body occurs, old thought forms, behavior patterns and/or habits may come to the surface. Addictive desires for food, beverages, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol may increase or resurface. Thoughts of judgement, blame, victimization, abuse, denial, self-destruction and self-pity may prevail. These issues are being healed on every level of your being, from this lifetime and others. Do not be hard on your self or allow these impulses and thoughts to get the better of you. Acknowledge them, let them go, then change your thoughts willfully to those of a more positive nature.

To lessen the effects, spend extra time on head positions `#1`, `#2` and `#3`. Be kind to yourself. Do things that make you feel good; nurture and pamper yourself as you would a friend who was experiencing the same. Repeating positive affirmations, mantras, and listening to your favorite music eases the intensity of the potentially negative effects of the thoughts.

Spiritual Purification:
When spiritual purification is in process, your beliefs may be shaken and challenged—beliefs in how the world operates, how relationships should be, about religion, what is important in your life. As this occurs, insights, revelations, and new understanding will become clear; these will be the building blocks of your newly forming and ever-changing spiritual foundation.

To lessen the effects, spend extra time doing Reiki on head position `#3`, and front `#1` and `#2`. Talk to like-minded people about your experiences, read uplifting spiritual books, listen to motivational tapes, and treat yourself with love and kindness. You are gaining new levels of understanding. During this process, you may feel lonely and perhaps fearful that you are going insane. Know that all is well and this process is perfectly normal. Be at peace. Let go and let God move through you. And continue to do Reiki on yourself; this alone can and will move you through the purification process, bringing you closer to that which you truly are: Divine Spirit experiencing the physical realm of existence through the sensations of a magnificent vehicle—your body.

A person who goes through all levels of Reiki training, over a period of time (usually two to three years) will experience this cycle many times. They will come to experience imbalance, disease, illness, whatever condition or name applied, as a detoxification or cleansing. This knowledge added to the ability to channel Reiki energy, will help everyone understand what habits and traits, conditions, thoughts must be changed or eliminated, and as they are, better health will be the result. This is enlightenment!

With this understanding and knowledge, one can teach another, and that one can teach someone else (lineage), and eventually help to shift the perception of humanity; from the thought of illness to that of purification. When all of humankind acts on this knowledge and self-treats any and all conditions as a toxic assault, then disease will no longer be rampant; this is empowerment! Reiki can and will bring on this next stage in the human evolution of consciousness.

Distant Work
Distance or absentee healing techniques are covered in depth in Second Degree Reiki. However, we felt that it is beneficial to give a simple method for distance healing to get you started. Remember that you are not trying to create a specific result. Know that Reiki will work for the highest good of all concerned. Before you begin tune into your heart energy of unconditional love and acceptance. Put your hands over your heart until you feel totally peaceful and connected with this energy. Now pick a method of distance treatment and begin.

A Distance Treatment:
Imagine a ball of light in front of you or in your lap, whichever is most comfortable for you. Direct your hands toward this light, imagine that the ball of light contains the person or situation you want to send Reiki to and say three times: "This is the person (name of person or situation). Wait for a moment then affirm three times: "This energy is to be received at the best time for the highest and most good." Now you are connected to the person or situation, stay focused and allow Reiki to flow through you. To help your concentration mentally repeat: "Reiki is being sent to this person/situation for the highest good of all concerned" or repeat the name of person/situation. Spend 15 minutes sending Reiki to the person or situation.

When you have finished either method, take a moment to give thanks for the opportunity to be of service. Rub your hands together to break the connection.

Principles for Directing Energy
• Energy should not be directed indiscriminately. Send energy for the highest good of all concerned. Allow it to be used by the high-self of the recipient for their greatest good.
• When directing energy, ask the person first if they want a treatment or go within and ask their higher-self. If you do not get an answer, it is OK to send the energy. Use your intuition. If the Reiki is not accepted by the recipient it will return to you.
• Never assume that another being wishes to be healed, even if they say that they do.
• Don`t intend to heal a person; just allow the energy to work. Don`t judge the effectiveness, the energy is working.
• Honor the energy, yourself/intention and the recipient for the work performed.
• Where awareness is focused, energy is concentrated and becomes manifest.

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